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Pupil Premium:

All schools receive some funding based on the number of children eligible for free school meals.  In fact, we receive funding for any child who has received free school meals at any point during their last 6 years of education, even if they no longer receive them.

In 2016-17, the school received funding based on 3 children worth £3,960.


We use this money to support children by:

Providing teaching assistant time to run the positive play program

Buying suitable equipment / time from educational specialists to meet their needs

Providing targeted groups to assist children with their learning

Helping fund an Apprentice Teaching Assistant who can work with groups or enable the class teacher to target their teaching more effectively.

Buying into Educational Psychology services.

Buying into to MAT team and local social services.

Because our numbers of children who qualify for free school meals is extremely low, we are able to carefully consider how we best spend the money so that their specific needs are met.  It is difficult to talk specifically about the results and progress of FSM children without identifying the children’s individual results.  What we can say is that in all cases in recent years, these children have made progress either in line with or above the other children in their cohort due to the support they have been given.

Our Pupil Premium Statement for financial year 2016/17, which provides a more detailed breakdown of expenditure can be found here.

Our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for academic year 2016/17, which summarises our expenditure and key objectives for the funding, can be found here.

Our Pupil Premium Statement for 2015/16 can be found here.

Sport Premium:

The school also receives sports funding directly from the government to promote and support high quality PE teaching and sports provision.  We strongly believe in giving all our children as much experience of sporting competitions and activities as possible and we are always looking at the most effective ways to spend our sports premium funding.

All schools receive £8000 plus an additional £5 per pupil. This year we received a total of £8,290 (based on last year’s 58 pupils)

We have spent / intend to spend this money in a variety of ways, including:

Please click here for a full break down of our Sports Premium Funding for 2016/17 and its impact.

Please click here for our Sports Premium Funding Statement 2015/16.